I may, or may not, soon start using this for following blogs I don’t have room for on my personal dash and to maybe try to engage in fandom? IDK. It’s been a long time since I’ve tried to do that & it’s always been overwhelming for me.

But I’m posting this so if I start following you, and you look over here, you know it’s not some weird dead blog. I mean, it’ll probably be dead a lot but I’m not a creep.

Also, I’ve recently fallen in love with In the Flesh, Outlander, Utopia and Penny Dreadful (OK, not so recently with that) and also love Teen Wolf, Orphan Black, Lost Girl, The Eagle and…a whole lot more. I don’t necessarily engage in fandom (& by that I mean read fic on AO3 & leave kudos sometimes) for all of these but I like looking at gifs and stuff.

I used to love Supernatural, and still have fic planned, but I’m not so sure where I stand with it now.

Apparently I made an about me page. I guess I should update that…

Anyway, I’ll probably forget about this for another 5 months.

A Touch of Magic

A Touch of Magic Chapter One by disco_dottie

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Allison/Lydia (Teen Wolf)

Word Count: 2538


When Allison moved to Beacon Hills to work as head visual merchandiser for Hale’s Department Store, she’d expected and wanted change from her old life. But she hadn’t expected her mannequin to be a centuries’ old young woman under an enchantment, who comes to life at night. With Lydia’s help, Allison creates the best window displays of her life, but Lydia’s shrouded past begins to catch up with her, throwing Allison’s life into chaos.

Chapter One: The Window Dresser and the Mannequin